Today we attend the panel hearing to hear if we can go forward to the meet and hopefully adopt the boys.

We have spent much of Christmas and the New Year looking at the only picture that we have of Johnny and Joe. We have shown it to family and friends and they are all so excited for us.

We travel to the hotel for the hearing and, as ever, Pearl is calming and reassuring. We are called in by the panel and suddenly it all seems so real. There are more people on the panel than we expected, but they put us at ease and we answer all their questions and concerns as concisely as we can.

We are so excited, we hug each other and our social worker

They ask us to wait in another room while they make their decision.

The answer is ‘Yes’! We are going to have our own little family! We are so excited, we hug each other and our social worker and then just sit in silence. We can’t believe that it is finally going to happen.

A meeting is arranged with the foster parents of the boys. We are very much looking forward to this and we prepare for the meeting with pages of questions.

Debbie and Rob (the Foster parents) are lovely. They seem kind and caring and are obviously close to Johnny and Joe.

They bring up to date photos, which are just marvellous and they are open and honest about all our questions and concerns.

We return home and continue to prepare our house for the arrival of our two precious boys. We have decorated their room and bought two new beds. The boys currently share a room, so we try and keep it as consistent as possible. They are very close, apparently.

We put up posters of Bob the Builder and Postman Pat on their wall. We are told that these won’t last very long!!! It is starting to look like a family home, at last!!! We have prepared a little book for the boys containing pictures of their new home. It also includes pictures of Mummy Janet and Daddy Patrick!!! This still seems alien to us at the moment.

A date is set for us to meet them the following month.

Patrick & Janet's Story Part V - Meeting our boys