When the boys first came to us, it was under a placement order. Basically, this gave our social worker permission to go ahead with the adoption plan and the boys were allowed to live with us, with a view to an adoption order at a later date. We did not have any legal rights and would have had to inform the local authority of any hospital visits and ask permission to take them out of the country. We weren’t planning on doing either of these.

Was this this a strange time on our journey between placement order and adoption order? I would have to say, no. We never really felt that the boys might not be with us on a permanent basis. We did not feel under any pressure because we were just concentrating on getting to know the boys, spending time with them and falling in love with them (very quickly!!!).

When the time came to apply for the adoption order, it felt like a natural end to a long, but hugely rewarding process. I think that the main thing for me was that the boys would have our name and we would have the birth certificates to prove it. I think that there was also a sense of freedom; not from social workers and local authorities as such, but freedom with regards to planning our future and the certainty that the boys would be with us, forever.


we thank everyone for all their help over the last two years

We are going to court today to legally adopt Johnny and Joe. How excited are we? We have brought family and friends along and Pearl and the boys’ social worker are also there. This is a day of celebration.

We enter the court room, which looks just like ones on the TV. I have not been in a court room before (honestly!!). The judge walks in with all his regalia and wigs and we all rise. He puts us all at ease straight away by charging me with supporting Aston Villa!!!

The judge talks briefly and once the legal bit is done he invites the boys up to sit with him and gives them a small present. He also lets them try on his wig and we are allowed to take pictures! It really is a lovely experience and now the boys are legally ours.

We all go out afterwards for a celebratory meal and we thank everyone for all their help over the last two years. Our family and friends and particularly the social workers involved. They have all helped so much to change our life.

It feels like the end of a long journey and start of a very big adventure!!!!!

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