This all just seems so bizarre. I just don’t know how this is all going to work. I have spoken to our Social worker a number of times, about this whole scenario. The plan is, we meet two little boys who are complete strangers to us, we spend two weeks gradually getting to know them and then after two weeks we bring them home!!!!

I am assured by Pearl, with a smile, that it does work - honestly!!!

Here goes.

We have rented a house close to where the foster parents live. This will give us somewhere to relax after what we are told will be very mentally tiring days. It will also give us a base which, God willing, we can bring the boys back to in week two.

Can we really be meeting our sons for the first time today?

We drive down on Sunday and settle in to out temporary house. We try and relax, but we are so nervous. We both get very little sleep the night before.

We wake early and try to keep calm. Can we really be meeting our sons for the first time today?

We are due to be at Debbie and Robert’s house at 9am. We get in the car at 8.30am and type their address in to the sat nav. It comes up with a journey time of seven minutes!!! We both start laughing.

We park up around the corner and wait – in silence. We are about to meet our two sons, Johnny who is four and Joe who is three for the first time!!! I cannot describe how nervous we both feel.

We pull up outside and walk towards the door, both our hearts pounding. We ring the doorbell and Debbie answers the door. Two little boys appear behind her and she tells them that Mummy Janet and Daddy Patrick are here. Johnny runs off straight away and Joe looks at me with a big smile and jumps up to gives me a hug. I could cry.

Janet follows Johnny into the play room and eventually coaxes him out from behind a box.

Joe straightaway introduces me to his Peppa Pig jigsaw. Johnny starts to play with Janet. This all seems to be going well and all the social workers leave and we are alone with the boys and the foster parents.

We had been told to spend just an hour (at most) on the first day with them, and slowly build it up over the next two weeks. We agree to leave after an hour, although we wanted to stay much longer.

We return to the house and once again just sit in silence. We are shattered!!!!! Is this what parenthood does to you? What a great start though!

Patrick & Janet's Story Part VI - The Big Day