We are up at 6.00am for the next few mornings, in order that we can be there when the boys wake up and bath them. They recognise us now, and we decide between us all after a few days, that we will take the boys to the park on our own.

Once again, we are so nervous about this. Firstly, it is so cold. What if they fall over? What if they run off? I know now that taking your kids to the park is a lovely experience, but for us it was almost frightening!!! However, we and the boys – survive.

We are nearly a week into it, and it all seems to be going so well. Debbie and Robert are really good foster parents and are guiding us as well as helping us. The boys are very close to Debbie and Robert and I still can’t see them just walking away with us in just over a week.

We can't believe this day is here so quickly

Our evenings are spent talking to and emailing friends about how we are getting on, and having early nights – ready for our early starts.

We drive home at the end of the first week, and it is agreed that Debbie and Robert will follow on with Johnny and Joe. This will give the boys a chance to see their new home. Also, I think it will be nice for Debbie and Robert to see where the boys will be moving to. They have had the boys for the best part of three years and have done such a great job.

The boys arrive on Saturday and immediately run upstairs to their bedroom. They seem really excited. They check out each room and then ask to play in the back garden. It all seems a bit surreal that these two little ’strangers’ will be coming to live with us in just over a week’s

We travel back down on the Sunday for our second week of visits to the boys. We feel just as nervous as the first week. The boys however, are so resilient. They seem to enjoy spending a few hours each day with us, and then being dropped back to Debbie and Robert. They don’t ask any questions, they just get on with it.


We can't believe this day is here so quickly.

It is a cold crisp Monday morning, and today is the day that boys are leaving Debbie and Robert and coming to live with us. Having spent two weeks with them, we know that they are the right boys for us. We are so grateful to Debbie and Robert and their family for their help and hospitality. We will no doubt be keeping in touch with them.

We are up early, and are busy packing our car when Pearl arrives. She has been a rock throughout this whole process.

She follows us to Debbie and Robert’s house. She advises us that this will be a very emotional moment for all concerned, and it will probably be best to keep it all as short as possible. We will load up the cars with as much of the boys’ toys and clothes as possible and then be on our way as soon as we can.

We go in and greet the boys and Debbie and Robert. This is much more difficult than we thought.

The boys however, just pick up their little bags, shout ‘Cheerio’ to Debbie and Robert and make their way to our car.

As I said – they are so resilient!!!!

We follow them, jump in the car, and off we go.

10 minutes in to the journey – Johnny says ‘Daddy Patrick – I think that I’ve pooed myself’

Welcome to Parenthood.

Patrick & Janet's Story Part VII