In the last few months I have become addicted to Twitter. I created my own @adoptionof2 account to keep in touch with other foster carers and adopters and to share their experiences.

There have been many topics discussed over the last few months (National Adoption Week; support within schools; home schooling; secondary trauma; new unexpected behaviours etc) but I have been particularly interested to hear how they have fared with their adoption agencies. The majority of them have adopted through their local LA and they are having a completely different experience to us. The typical moans are about their social workers cancelling visits; social workers not turning up to the Celebration Hearing; lack of support since adopting; little support with the ‘choosing’ of their children; not being aware or having undergone any training/support re some of the behaviours that their children have arrived with.

Reading all of the tweets and some of their blogs I know we definitely made the right decision to adopt through Adoption Focus (in fact I have recommended it to a number of other couples thinking about adopting – one of which has already made enquiries and is underway with their own journey). Our social worker visited us regularly (in fact, after we brought our girls home she upped her visits because the girls’ social worker didn’t attend as much as she should). We underwent in-depth training, at the preparation group and then through our home study. We read numerous books on all sorts of developmental delay and other issues we might come across (and then discussed them fully with our social worker) and were then able to make an informed choice on the type of child that we could provide for. We were encouraged to be honest with ourselves and not to be heroes, to make sure that the match would work and we didn’t take on a child that we wouldn’t be able to support fully.

Our social worker knew us better than we knew ourselves and it was her who encouraged us to adopt siblings rather than an only child. When it came to choosing our children we always said we would trust her judgement and we all agreed that the girls were the right ones for us.

Since adopting I have to admit that we have been very lucky. The girls have settled well and we haven’t really had to call for much support, although when we have needed it we have had an immediate response. We make sure we keep in touch with the agency by attending their social events too, which the girls love.

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