What do families look like? Who’s in your family? And how can families change?

These are questions posed by a newly published book celebrating family diversity – All About Families by Felicity Brooks (Usborne Publishing).

All About Families talks about lone-parent families, adoptive, foster, divorced, remarried, and mixed race families, and lots, lots more. The book aims to show little children that every family, whatever shape and size is unique but also ‘normal’.

Adoption Focus CEO Anna Sharkey was a consultant on All About Families, leading to her being immortalised as an illustration within its pages.

Anna said of her involvement:

“I was really pleased to be asked for some input into the content of this book. It is a true celebration of family life in its many forms, representing the rich diversity of the lives of children. All children will find something here which looks and feels like their experience of family life.

I have both a professional and personal commitment to adoption and fostering as positive outcomes for children who cannot live within their birth families. As a result, I find it so helpful to have a book in which the ‘in care’ and adoption experiences are represented alongside those of other children – all of whom will be experiencing the good things which families can provide, as well as (potentially) loss, change and disruption of varying types.”

All About Families book - talking about families

All About Families features delightful illustrations from Mar Ferrero and interactive exercises for adults to take part in with children, encouraging conversations about their own personal experience. It also covers aspects of the Personal, Health, Social and Economic Key Stage One syllabus (developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people) and the requirement for children at the Early Years Foundation Stage to ‘know about the similarities and differences between themselves and others and among families, communities and traditions.’

Find out more or order your copy of All About Families at Usborne Children's Books and read author Felicity Brooks' blog about why she wrote the book.

All images are ©Usborne Publishing 2018 and used here with their kind permission.

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