For some of our adopters, this Christmas will be their first as parents. We have placed 61 children with our adopters during 2017 - that's 61 children who will be celebrating with families they didn’t know last year.

Some of these new parents first contacted Adoption Focus at information events within the last year. Over the course of the year, more than 200 people have been welcomed to our events which take place regularly across each of our regions.

Our information events are meant for everyone with an interest in starting the adoption process – whether they’re in the early stages of thinking about it as an option and want to find out more, or they’re ready to make an application to start the adoption process. Couples or single people can book places and get what they need from the events.

Many of those who attended information events this year are now part way through their preparation and assessment process and well on their way to becoming adopted families. Some have been approved and are now continuing to work with their Adoption Focus social worker to find the right child or children to complete their family.

Some people watch the presentation and go home to think more about whether adoption is right for them. While others will discuss more specific aspects of the process in private consultation with our adoption social workers before deciding to get back in touch with us at a later date.

Whatever the outcome, we’re always happy to see people at our information events and give them the knowledge they need to reach their decision without any pressure.

It’s all part of the service we offer and it means that more children will be spending Christmas in loving, well prepared and properly supported adoptive families.

We'll be running our adoption information events regularly throughout 2018

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