Don't forget, if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium you'll need to make sure their school aware before 18th January 2018 to allow them to claim.

The Pupil Premium provides extra funding to state-funded schools to help their staff give extra support to disadvantaged pupils including, but not restricted to, those adopted from care. Children in receipt of free school meals or children of forces families are also included.

From April 2014,  funding was increased to £1900 per pupil and to include all children adopted from care not just those adopted after 30 December 2005 as previously was the case. It is paid to schools so that they can invest in specific support measures to address the issues that may be preventing them from reaching their potential. It applies to all adopted children from Reception class through to Year 11 who are in state-funded education in England and were previously in care in England or Wales.

To enable your child’s school to claim the pupil premium, you will need to inform the school about your child and provide supporting evidence, for example, show the school the original Adoption (Court) Order.  You will need to self-declare before 18th January 2018 which is the date schools complete the Spring School Census and local authorities complete the Alternative Provision Census. This will then trigger the payment of the pupil premium to the school or education provider from April 2018.

If you informed the school of your child’s adopted status for the January 2017 School Census, it should not be necessary to provide evidence again.  You are, however, advised to double check with the school before the deadline. If your child has moved schools, you will be required to provide evidence again as information is not transferable from one school to another.

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