The Triangle Project trains, prepares, assesses and approves fostering for adoption carers for vulnerable children. If you're interested in exploring a different route to adoption, you're in the right place.

We offer fostering for adoption placements, where children are placed with approved adopters who have also been approved as foster carers.

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The Triangle Project operates as a specialist fostering agency. We work with potential parents, helping them to become dual-approved as both:

foster carers, approved through the Triangle Project fostering agency and

adopters, approved through Adoption Focus

Most  schemes of this type are used to place very young children – often babies straight from hospital. We hope to use our fostering for adoption service to also find families for older children, sibling groups and other children who are sadly deemed ‘harder to place’.

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The Triangle Project is registered with Ofsted and has been funded by the Department for Education’s Practice and Improvement Fund for Adoption Services.

What is early permanence?

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