Once a year each class from KS1 upwards puts on an assembly, for the school and parents. You can then stay and have lunch with your children and look at their books etc. in the classroom afterwards.

Last year I went to see Gonzo’s first one with a hint of trepidation. How would she be? Would she know her words? Would she be silly because I was there? As it happens she knew her own line, but was far too distracted watching everyone else/waving at me to really fully take part in the rest of the assembly. She did project her voice well, which was good as I couldn’t hear some of the other children and I was proud of her regardless. The Head made a point of saying that anything can happen when dealing with children and they embrace their work regardless of the quality – which I thought was lovely!

So, this year both myself and Alex went to see her in her Pirate assembly (complete with witches……I’m still not sure what they were about!). The amount of theme days her school has has meant we are building up quite a collection of fancy dress outfits and so we were ‘cooking with gas’ this year as we had an old pirate costume from Halloween.

Attending a school event is quite an experience. Parents begin to queue over half an hour before it begins to ensure they are on the front row and can see their little Jimmy. Us, on the other hand, sit on the back row so she doesn’t get too distracted, but knows we are there…. So, after waiting outside for over 15 minutes we were finally allowed in.

There she was, standing behind the cardboard ship, waving her hook at us (a prop I wasn’t sure if I should let her have for fear of her taking someone else’s eye out with it). The rest of the school filed in and the performance began. Every child had at least one line to say and we had been practicing Gonzo’s with her for the last week – she got to thank all of the parents for coming. The assembly was surprisingly good and very well-rehearsed! You could hear 90% of the children and Gonzo to her credit was amazing. She knew all of the words to the songs, did what she was meant to and would have made a great prompt as she was also doing everyone else’s actions as well as her own.

At the end she waited until she was told she could come to us (which made a difference from last year) before flying over for a big cuddle. We were then met by Spud who was also allowed to have lunch with us. Alex wasn’t very impressed with the food (complaining about how they had managed to cook the flavor out of the roast potatoes), but it was lovely to sit with our two. They had the best table manners out of everyone (something that had been drummed into them by their foster carers) and it was nice to see how Spud at four years old managed to collect her own food and clear away her tray.

Later on that afternoon we received a text about World Book Day – fancy dress again! Thank goodness for Aldi…..they had World Book Day costumes in stock this weekend, so we are ready to present Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood in March!

Spud & Gonzo - too old at four?

Sarah & Martin - Adopting an older child