At first it was hard to comprehend the meaning of having another sibling, as living as an only child for all of those years makes it hard to think about things like that. It was surprising when my parents asked what I thought about adopting a little girl and, as a nine year old girl myself, it was hard to wrap my head around the idea.

It was in 2011 in Solihull Shopping Centre that my mum introduced the idea of adopting a little sister. At first, I thought it was a horrible idea because it felt as if my family were replacing me with another little girl. That opinion has now completely changed. I now think this was the best idea. I think this, because many children have been abandoned or mistreated. My family and I believe that we have so much love in our hearts to give to a little girl who needs a forever family.

Jimmy Spices is probably one of my favourite restaurants since the day my mum and I went out for lunch together. That was where we had a phone call which changed our lives, especially mine. There was another family hoping to adopt my little sister, so the social workers had a meeting to decide who would be the best family for her. We were told that part of the reason we were chosen was because of me! I was considered to be a good role model for her.

The first time I met Emma, she simply blew all my worries away. My family’s social worker Nita, took me out for tea just before I met my little sister. It took my mind off some of the things that were making me nervous. While I had tea with Nita, my mum and dad met Emma for the first time so they could all get to know each other. Finally, I got my turn to meet her. A big hug and a greeting of: “my big sister, my big sister!” It was a simply magical time to spend with an adorable little girl.

The five days of introductions which made a perfect family of four were the most memorable days of my life, full of lots of cake decorating, playing with her favourite Peppa Pig game and dressing her up in my old fairy costumes. The ‘Build a Bear Workshop’ proved to be a great day for Emma as she made a little bear called Sydney. A cuddly teddy bear to sooth Emma if she feels unhappy. When we got home, we were quick to finish her bedroom, fit for a princess. She loves it so much she doesn’t want to come out!

I think I would have liked to spend more time alone with her before she moved in our house but I still feel that the whole process went quickly and smoothly. It was better like this as I remember I had started to become quite nervous on the days leading up to when she was going to live with us.

Over four years later, I have a little eight-year-old sister. It’s not hard to see that she looks up to me from the way she tries to dress like me and it’s such a wonderful change to my life. She copies everything I do and is proud to do so. Our relationship still has quite a few ups and downs. We argue like there’s no tomorrow yet we stick up for each other when the other is in trouble with our parents. She’s my excuse to watch young Disney films and I’m her excuse to wear makeup which she’d get in magazines.

She’s growing up quickly, picking up attitude and growing out of young films and clothes but she is still the same little girl who answered the door with the biggest, most welcoming, toothy grin from when I first met her.

A few days ago, I remembered I had kept a diary from those first few days we met her. It was also that day when I found my dad’s diary of his experiences in first meeting his daughter. Despite my awful handwriting and my terrible spelling it was nice to reminisce those moments. Her petty attempts at arguments and hilarious tries at acting grown up make me realise that it was all worth it - the wait, the negative emotions, the excitement and the nerves.

I still spend time with my mum and dad on our own when Emma has gone to bed, but when the four of us are together, we’re the four musketeers! When we’re together we have an enchanting time full of fun, smiles and laughter. But the thing that makes us all laugh the most is when Emma sometimes tries to laugh like Peppa Pig.