Connie lives with her teenage daughter Natasha. She’s good at being a mum and enjoys being with her daughter. Natasha is a fun person and has a good relationship with her mum. 

They do a lot together but also have time to do their own thing. For Connie this includes her church activities, seeing her friends, and part-time work. Natasha enjoys seeing her dad, seeing her friends, and doing her college work. Natasha wants to go to university to study law. 

Connie and Natasha have a good family life and it got better when Connie became an adoptive mum and Natasha became the adoptive big sister to Aaron.

Finding Aaron

Connie had become aware of the amount of black and dual-heritage children in care who spend a long time waiting for adopters. She’d seen features in The Voice, and Keeping the Faith - about black children needing adopters.

Connie had always thought that she would have more children, but when her marriage to Natasha’s dad ended she‘d assumed that as a single parent she wouldn’t be considered suitable. She wanted to do something about the children she’d read about, and she felt that she had a lot to offer. Connie spoke to Natasha about adopting - she needed to include her daughter in the thinking and finding out process. She knew that if her family increased this would be a big change.

Natasha didn’t give an immediate response, but she promised she would think about it. And once she’d done this, she wanted her mum to get on with getting herself approved. She agreed to attend the Preparation Groups with her mum, and she was involved in the assessment. 

Connie was recommended for approval as an adopter. She has the child care experience, family and friends support, and stable home life which make her a good prospect. For Connie and Natasha the next stage of the process was daunting. 

Working with Adoption Focus

As a black adopter, Connie had been advised that she could find herself dealing with a number of children referred as potential placements. She admits - it felt overwhelming.

Aaron shone through as the right child for her family. Connie recognised him from an article she had read as she started the process. He was one of the children she had seen featured, and had been one of the reasons why she’d put herself forward. And all these months later, here he was - waiting.

Aaron moved into his new home six months ago - a lively three year old. He certainly made a big change to Connie and Natasha’s lives - and they’ve made a huge change to his. 

Once you’re approved your social worker will continue to work with you to help you find the right child or children for you. You can read more about family finding with Adoption Focus here:


Finding your child