Child Safety Week 2017, which ran from 5th-11th June, had the theme 'Safe children; sharing is caring'. At Adoption Focus we got involved in encouraging people to keep children safe by sharing some simple, practical advice that can help to prevent accidents.

Accidents are the leading cause of death and serious injury for children and young people. Many of these accidents can be prevented and Child Safety Week aimed to inform people of some simple measures that can be taken to minimise the risk of accidents.

The CSW 2017 Parents' Pack is still available for free download from the Child Safety Week 2017 website. It's full of excellent, easy to follow advice on how to keep children safe from burns, falls and roads and includes activities to encourage children to avoid dangers.

A few sample facts from the Parents' Pack:

  • If swallowed, button batteries can burn through a child's throat and lead to serious internal bleeding and even death. Always keep them and products that use them out of reach.
  • A hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it's been made.
  • Safety caps and lids on medicines slow children down but don’t rely on them – it takes just seconds for some three or four year olds to open them
  • Cycling accidents increase as children grow older, with 10 to 15 year-old riders at greater risk than any other age group.
  • Most babies and small children who drown, drown at home in the bath or in the garden. Never leave a small child alone in the bath and empty the paddling pool after use.