All Adoption Focus staff have recently undergone training with Prevent to understand the risks around extremism and radicalisation and how we can assist parents to minimise these risks. The Government, Home Office & Department for Education have produced a website which provides practical advice and information on protecting children from these risks. Please do take a moment to look at it and share it with other parents.

Social media and gaming is increasingly being used by extremists to target children as young as nine or ten years old. We all know children often take risks, explore new things and push boundaries as they become more independent. At Adoption Focus our priority at all times is keeping children safe and supporting parents in recognising and managing the many risks to which they are exposed. We are always reviewing and updating our training and knowledge and want to make sure that our families are kept up to date with the latest guidance.

The e-learning component of our preparation training includes advice on managing the positive benefits of the internet alongside the potential risks and threats. This includes contact with birth family members, risk of grooming by sexual predators, exposure to inappropriate material and, as the Prevent agenda tells us, risk of radicalisation by extremists.