Fathers and Fathers-to-be Group

This group is open to men who have already adopted and those who are at or beyond stage two of the adoption process. Chat over a coffee about the rewards and challenges of parenting an adoptive child.  Come along and meet adoptive dads who have already made the journey through assessment and approval to fatherhood. 

Teenagers Group

This group brings pre-teen and teenagers together as a means of support, meeting six times a year. It offers children and young people the opportunity to have fun undertaking activities, discuss issues regarding adoption, make new friends, develop social skills and confidence and contribute towards the development of our services for young people. We are very keen to invite existing children to join this group alongside their adopted siblings.

Children playing in a wooden den

Tweens Group

Our newest group, for children aged 8-12 years. Tween group sees adopted children and their siblings getting together regularly and taking part in a variety of activities, games and sports with the enthusiastic supervision of our fantastic adoption support team.

Play & Stay

These groups provide the opportunity for adopters to meet up in an informal setting and offer one another support. Different, fun activities are available for children, encouraging their social and emotional development and experienced social workers are to hand to offer advice and support.

Other ways to get involved

Events and social activities

We hold two events each year in early summer and autumn to give our families a chance to meet up, relax and have fun together.


We send out a monthly newsletter with details of upcoming events and training opportunities, news, updates and links to useful information and resources. We’re keen to provide the content you need, so if there’s something you’d like to know more about or you have an idea to share with our adoptive community, let us know!

Buddy Scheme

Our Buddy Scheme sees experienced adopters linking up with adopters at an earlier stage in the process to offer advice and support. Our Buddies have received professional training in this role and are continuously supported by Adoption Focus. If during your adoption journey you feel like you might benefit from peer to peer support, please get in touch. Equally if you’re an experienced adopter and feel you could share your insight around the adoption assessment process, introductions, post placement/order or adoption support services, we’d love to hear from you.

Adopters Committee

Meeting three times a year, our adopters committee is instrumental in planning future topics of training, social gatherings and children’s events to ensure that the services we provide meet our adoptive families’ evolving needs.




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