As part of our commitment to offering long-term, outstanding adoption support to everyone who adopts with us, we have a continuous programme of training and events available for our adopters. Here's a sample of what's coming up in the next few weeks.


Please note that due to the current advice regarding social distancing our training will be delivered digitally until further notice.


Talking & Telling Workshop, 10th August

This brand new workshop is aimed at families who would like some guidance around how to start those conversations with their adopted child/children and offers useful tips around games, stories and other practical resources that can help.

Friends & Family Workshop, 11th & 22nd August, 26th September

This session is specifically designed for friends, family and any other significant people within an adopter’s or prospective adopter’s support network. The half day workshop will raise their awareness and understanding of the adoption process, the needs of adopted children and how they can offer the most effective help and support to their friends or relatives on their way to becoming adoptive parents.

Siblings Workshop, 18th August

This workshop explores sibling placements, helping you to consider meeting the needs of more than one child. The session also focuses on key issues to consider for siblings, placing this within the context of adoption, and highlighting strategies for managing anticipated difficulties.

Existing Children Workshop, 18th August

The aim of this workshop is to help prospective adopters to understand how their children will be involved in the adoption process. It also offers useful tools and strategies to help prepare children and has a young person’s personal experience of when her siblings joined the family.


To book places on our workshops Adoption Focus adopters can call us on 0121 779 0891 or email us at [email protected]. If you're not registered with Adoption Focus but are interested in attending one of our workshops, please get in touch.


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