Upcoming training and events at Adoption Focus:

Therapeutic Play, 10th October

This workshop offers prospective adopters and adoptive parents a ‘Theraplay’ taster in a relaxed and fun setting, introducing the concept of therapeutic play to help build continual attachment between adopters and their child.

Sibling Workshop, 16th October

This workshop explores sibling placements, helping people to consider meeting the needs of more than one child. The session also focuses on key issues to consider for siblings, placing this within the context of adoption and highlighting strategies for managing anticipated difficulties.

Understanding Challenging Behaviour, 6th November

This therapeutic workshop offers adoptive parents the opportunity to explore what behaviours their children are presenting with in a safe, empathic environment. It also offers strategies to support specific behaviours and provides each attendee with a helpful toolkit of parenting strategies to take home.

Friends and Family Workshop, 25th November

This session is specifically designed for friends, family and other significant people within an adopter's or prospective adopter's support network. The half-day workshop will raise their awareness and understanding of the adoption process, the needs of adopted children and how they can offer the most effective help and support to them on their way to becoming adoptive parents.

Adoption Focus adopters can book workshops using the email address [email protected].

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