National Adoption Week 2023

National Adoption Week 2023 - The Positive Impact of Adoption 


For National Adoption Week 2023, adoption agencies across the country came together to highlight the positive impact of adoption on adopted people’s lives, as well as the strides made to put children's sense of identity at the heart of the adoption journey. As part of the campaign, a short film was launched featuring adopted people from different decades, going back to the 1970s. 

Adoption Focus CEO, Anna Sharkey, said:

“National Adoption Week, and the powerful film at its centre, are a useful reminder to people that adoption has become far more sensitive to the importance of helping adopted children to understand their histories. The need for adopters to develop their children's sense of identity and belonging and enhance their self-esteem has become a huge part of the preparation training we provide. We also offer ongoing support to families to help ensure placements are successful and lasting.”

Sarah and Martin adopted Caitlyn through Adoption Focus just before her seventh birthday. They understand the importance of acknowledging Caitlyn’s early experiences, as Sarah explains:

“Caitlyn remembers the good and bad experiences of her early life very well, but she’s old enough to articulate her thoughts and feelings about these, whereas a younger child might express herself in other ways. This helps us to understand about her background and help her and it’s brilliant to hear her good memories.”

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