New reports this week have covered the results of a survey of adoptive parents conducted by Adoption UK and the BBC. Nearly 3000 people completed the survey for the Radio 4 programme File on Four and you can download the results here (Word document, 29KB). The survey and accompanying programme are discussed on the BBC website here.

Following the survey, Adoption Focus CEO Anna Sharkey made this statement about support for our families:

"At Adoption Focus, we place some of the most vulnerable children with our adopters - most of these children will have experienced early life trauma, usually in the form of abuse. We recognise that it’s our adopters who make the difference for these children, offering them love, stability and a new start. 

Adopted children are much more likely to have behavioural and emotional difficulties, with many of them experiencing developmental delay. We offer life-long support to our families – we help our adopters identify which building blocks are missing and how they can provide a nurturing environment where their children can learn, explore and belong.

Adoption Focus provides a variety of support services and therapeutic interventions to aid children’s recovery, alongside tailored support for their adoptive family throughout the process. We also offer social activities, peer-to-peer support groups, and a buddy scheme. These services are available for all of our families indefinitely - for as long as they need us."

Anna Sharkey, CEO, Adoption Focus

Elsewhere, the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) issued the following statement on the survey's findings:

"Adoption can provide a loving stable home to the most vulnerable children in our society and brings much joy to many families. The recent survey carried out with Adoption UK for File on Four endorsed this: nine out of ten people who responded are glad that they adopted. CVAA recognises the challenges of adoption against the backdrop of these great benefits. We have welcomed the recent government focus on improving the support available for adopters, most notably the Adoption Support Fund which provides funding for vitally needed therapeutic support.

Coverage of the survey has highlighted the issue of struggling adoptive families and those living with violence. Voluntary adoption agencies have for decades been providing support to children and families dealing with complex challenges.  They work with these families on a lifelong basis.  Voluntary adoption agencies provide extensive training and support in order to equip families to cope, and services that support adopted children and parents throughout childhood and well into adulthood."

You can find more information on the adoption support provided by Adoption Focus the 'Our Adoption Support' page of our website.