In March 2018 Adoption Focus, in partnership with our colleagues at St Francis’ Children’s Society, launched the Triangle Project. This initiative allowed us to approve adopters as foster carers, meaning that children and babies could be placed at the earliest opportunity with people who may become their permanent adoptive family. The main aim of this approach is to avoid multiple changes within foster placements and/or a long stay in foster care whilst the legal and care processes are completed. These processes, whilst often lengthy, are essential in ensuring that when judges are making decisions about a child’s permanent care, they are doing so with full information.

Fostering for Adoption

Since going live. the Triangle Project has approved nine families as dual-approved carers. The majority of these families have gone on to be quickly chosen for adoption placements due to their flexibility and child-centred approach. However, in June, the Triangle Project celebrated its first early permanence placement. This has subsequently converted to an adoption placement, meaning that these two young siblings were placed in their permanent home much more quickly than with a standard adoption placement and bonding between parents and children began as early as possible.

We look forward to making more placements through the Triangle Project, as we continue to dual-approve new families on a regular basis.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Triangle Project on 0300 303 3707 or go to

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