Adopters' blogs

Blogs from some of our adopters. Their adoption experiences in their own words.

Sarah & Martin - Adopting an Older Child

Sarah and Martin adopted Caitlyn through Adoption Focus just before her seventh birthday. Here Sarah talks to us about her experiences of adopting an older child and encourages other to also consider a wide range of age groups for adoption.

Mike and Nathan - Adopt a Person

For me, being a passionate adoption advocate, the fact that pretty much anyone can adopt now is great. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should…..

Mike and Nathan - Party of Five

We never stop in our house! Most days, I get dragged from bed just after 6am by one of our three sons and the fun begins. It’s organised chaos in our house and it’s great. We’ve been through so much to get to where we are now, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marie & Andrew - About a Boy

Marie and Andrew adopted their three children through Adoption Focus. They both write blogs about their experiences and in this post Andrew writes about their son.

Mummy, Mamma & Weeman - Two Becomes Three

My wife and I wanted a family and we spent a lot of money trying. I just thought I’d never be a mother. One day after another failed attempt and a broken heart my wife said, “Can we stop now?” I agreed.

Laura & Adam - The Moment We Knew

Laura and Adam adopted their son and daughter through Adoption Focus. In this blog post, Laura remembers how they instantly knew they'd found their children.