Fostering for Adoption

Fostering for adoption is a more child-focused approach to adoption. It is intended to speed up a child’s journey through care and minimise the disruption of repeated moves to different families. This aims to enable children to experience a loving and secure home in which they feel safe and settled as quickly as possible.

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We provide this alternative approach to adoption through the Triangle Project.

Fostering for Adoption is where a child in care is placed with registered foster carers who have also been approved as adopters. The foster carers care for the child, whilst the child's social worker works with and assesses his or her birth family and makes a recommendation to the Court about the child's future care. During this period the plans for the child’s future are yet to be decided by the Courts.

If the Court decides that adoption is the best option to secure the child's future wellbeing then the fostering placement becomes an adoption placement. The foster carers become the adopters and make an application to the Court to formally adopt the child.

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Early Permanence Information Events

We hold monthly, online information events specifically to explain the early permanence pathway to adoption and its benefits for priority children.

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