Jenny and Steve

Jenny and Steve became parents to three children just 10 months after contacting Adoption Focus

Jenny and Steve live in a village in Oxfordshire. Career driven, their home has been a refuge from their daily commute and demanding but rewarding jobs. They have always enjoyed the peace and tranquility of their home, but had little to do with village life because of their long working hours.

That all changed just ten months after contacting Adoption Focus to ask about adopting. They became parents to three lively, noisy city children, aged 18 months, three and four and a half years.

Jenny explains ‘Steve and I got married expecting to have children at some point in the future. When that didn’t happen, we got on with our careers.

Then we got to our late 30s and wondered – is this it?’  Lots of thinking and talking led them to adoption and to Adoption Focus.

Steve said ‘We had always thought we would be parents – we love kids, we love family life, and we just thought it would happen - and it has.  Just differently and more instantly. Three little personalities all joined us at once. It’s exhausting, and demanding city jobs are a doddle in comparison, but we love it.'

Jenny goes on ‘All our priorities have changed, everything we do is about being a family; shorter and muddier country walks, bed-time stories, hugs and cuddles, potty training, and toys all over the house. I’ve never slept so well'.

Moving to the country was a culture shock for the children, but now they love it and have really taken to village life. Previous acquaintances have become good friends, offering help and support. And the village Church Hall is a hub of family activity – with play groups, coffee mornings, and other social events. As Steve says, ‘We have always loved this village, but didn’t know how much they loved us until now – the children have come home, and so have we.’

Children in sibling groups like Jenny and Steve's wait longer to be adopted. If you think you might be able to provide a loving home and help keep brothers and sisters together, here's more information on adopting siblings.