Marie & Andrew - About a Boy

Marie and Andrew adopted their three children through Adoption Focus. They both write blogs about their experiences and in this post Andrew writes about their son.

Now seems to be an appropriate time to complete the”trilogy” of individual blogs about our children. Our house sale sadly fell through this week and so, temporarily at least, our quest for more space has been thwarted. My wife, as is her nature began thinking about the other two things that may go wrong as per the saying. Though it may be that her hairdresser leaving, coupled with the kids’ bad behaviour the other day may have just completed that list. However maybe now is a good time to remember that good things come in threes as well.

Of course as has been well documented we only intended to adopt two. Strangely I always envisaged adopting two girls. That was what I imagined and maybe subconsciously it was what I wanted. This is perhaps contrary to many men who have a strong desire for a son. Of course I ended up with the two girls and a boy. The best of both worlds. Thank god we went for the “50% extra free” option.

I know I’m biased but our little boy is an absolute star. As he was only two when he arrived he has changed the most physically out of all three. He wasn’t toilet trained or speaking properly when he arrived. We have watched his character develop. Enjoyed his little traits such as collecting stones and wanting to take certain things in the car with him. He loves to help which is great, even if mowing the lawn takes longer than it used to.

I love the way he sees this as his home. He is very much a home bird and it is undoubtedly where he is happiest. Even at his age he has a strong sense of family. When he was younger and we said we were going somewhere he would always check his sisters and ourselves were going too.

Of course the fact he was so young when he arrived means his memory of birth family is pretty non-existent. He only really seems to think he lived here and his foster carers. There are therefore some difficult revelations ahead for him. However he is so full of life, I am sure he will continue to embrace it whatever it throws at him.

It’s amazing to think he starts school next month. He will be completely fine. With his eyes he will get away with murder even if he does cross the line.

So would I have been sad had I not adopted a boy? Don’t think I would.

Would I have been sad had I not adopted THIS boy. You bet your life I would.

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