Adoption Focus works with social workers from Local Authorities across England and Wales who are finding new families for the children who are waiting.  Once you’re approved your social worker will continue to work with you to help you find the right child or children for you. We also subscribe to Linkmaker which adopters can use to find out about children who are waiting for new families.

Your social worker will discuss possible matches with you and if you want to explore any of these further then your social worker and the children’s social worker will exchange more detailed information.

If you, your social worker and the children’s social worker think that a good match has been found, a meeting will be arranged, which may include the children’s foster parent.

Once it has been agreed that a suitable child or children have been identified for you, your social worker will produce an Adoption Placement Report for the child’s agency.  This will be considered by the placing agency’s Matching Panel, who will make the final decision about whether the match should go ahead.
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