In loving memory of Geeta Devi Kalsi

In January 2021, approved adopter Harjinder Kalsi tragically lost his wife Geeta at the age of just 45. In her loving memory, Harjinder is very kindly raising funds to support Adoption Focus, benefit others who are adopting and help find loving families for children.

Harjinder said, "All Geeta and I wanted was to be parents. Now, unfortunately, our dream has come to an end, but in her memory, we would like to honour her legacy by supporting others who are going through the adoption process. Donations collected at the funeral will be passed to the local charity Adoption Focus and will help support adoptive families. This is something that was close to both our hearts and I can’t think of a better tribute to Geeta.

Geeta was always selfless and giving and wanted to do whatever she could for others. She was a light in the lives of everyone she met and would have made an amazing mother.

Please help me remember her by allowing others to fulfil the dream we were so close to fulfilling, becoming parents."

"Geeta was the warmest, kindest and most caring person you could ever meet, she was the light of our lives." 

Geeta Devi Kalsi