Advice for adopted teens

Adoption Focus is committed to supporting adopted children and teenagers. Reach is our group for young people whose lives have been impacted by adoption.

Reach helps adopted children age 11-18 to connect with one another and participate in fun activities, games and crafts and enjoy trips out, films and snacks in each other’s company.

We’re really excited to be able to be able provide this resource for the growing number of secondary school-age children we support. Please keep an eye on upcoming newsletters for more information or contact us. 

Video file


The video below "Stress on the Brain" was made by a group of students from New River College (Islington), working with SoapBox Youth Centre. They talk about stress, trauma, the effect on your brain and give tips to help stay calm in stressful situations.



Here are some links to some other, general information that you might find useful:



DisrespectNobody: advice around healthy and unhealthy relationships.


BBC Bitesize: resources to help learning and revision.


Talk to Frank: everything you need to know about substances, their effects and the law.


Health for Teens: information and advice around health including feelings, growing up, lifestyle and relationships. 

YoungMinds: advice and support for young people around mental health.


CBBC games: free games for young people aged between 8 years old – 18 years old. 

Online safety

Think U Know: helps young people and parents to understand online risks and what to do to keep safe. 

Net Aware: a partnership between NSPCC and 02 - Net Aware provides a guide to the latest social apps, networks and games. 

Child Criminal Exploitation

Fearless: non-judgmental advice and guidance about crime and criminality including gangs and county lines. A safe place to give information about crime 100% anonymously. 

Child Sexual Exploitation

It’s Not Okay: advice, guidance and support around sexual exploitation.