Placement Support


All new families need help and support as they adjust to their life together. Your social worker will visit you regularly to offer advice for as long as you need it. We hold regular training, workshops and social events where you can meet other adopters and their children. We're always happy to hear from adoptive families - our support is lifelong.

Some adopters are in regular contact with us for advice and assistance, while we won’t hear from others for long periods - either because there are no issues or because they prefer to rely on their own support networks. Do remember you can contact us at any time, even if your adoption order was granted years ago - we are always here if needed.



Like all children, adopted children will encounter new challenges as they grow older and parents can be uncertain of how best to help them. This can include factors like:

  • Adolescence/Teenage behaviour
  • Changes of school
  • Peer relationships
  • Bullying
  • Changes in family circumstances – marriages, break-ups, bereavements
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Social media

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There are also factors unique to adopted children which can cause anxiety for families. Things like:

  • Life story questions
  • Unplanned contact
  • Changes around the need for contact

We offer sympathetic and professional advice, support, training and referrals for any of the above and anything else you might like to talk about. Even experienced parents can benefit from professional help at times, and our adoption support team will provide valuable assistance which can help to get through the difficult times that all families experience.

How to access support

To access our adoption support, adopters should initially contact our Duty Social Worker on 0121 779 0891 or by email. This will then be followed up by an experienced adoption support worker.


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Our adoption support is rated as Outstanding by  Ofsted and is always there for our adoptive families whenever it’s needed.