Getting started

Once you've been in contact with a member of our team, either by phone or at one of our regular information events - and you have the information you need to decide if you want to go forward with your adoption plans - we'll invite you to submit your Register of Interest with us.

Stage One

When we accept your Register of Interest, Stage One of the process starts. This should take 8 weeks to complete.
One of our social workers will arrange an Initial Visit – in your home if possible, or remotely. They will talk to you about things you need to consider before applying to adopt, such as your support networks, finances, health, motivation and the sorts of children you could consider adopting. The visit will usually take a couple of hours. Following these discussions we can invite you to join one of our regular preparation groups where you'll meet others at the same stage of the process and begin the process of training to become approved as an adopter. You can also find out more about Fostering for Adoption. We'll take up the references you've given us and you'll begin training and have a medical with your GP. Once we let you know if you can progress to Stage Two, you have up to six months to decide if you want to go forward.

Stage Two

Stage Two lasts four months. During this time you'll receive more training and have a series of meetings with your social worker who'll produce a report for our Permanence Panel. Panel will make a recommendation about your suitability to adopt - and if you want to be dual-approved for Fostering for Adoption placements – about this too. The final decision about your approval is is made our Decision Maker.

Once you're approved as an adopter we'll work with you and with our local authority and Regional Adoption Agency contacts to find a suitable child or children.

Find out more

Click here for more information about the adoption process, from research and registration, through preparation and assessment to approval, family finding and our lifelong support.

Adoption Process Overview