Lifelong Support

Adoption Focus is committed to providing excellent, lifelong support to all our families. We offer different types of support during and after the adoption process. Ofsted rates our service as 'Outstanding'. They say, “Adoption support is extensive and has a positive impact. This includes access to a range of therapeutic services. The support is readily available to adopters throughout their parenting experience.” (Ofsted Inspection Report 2021).

Our adoption support begins the moment people enter the adoption process with us and lasts a lifetime. It’s important for adopters to remember that they can contact us at any time if they need to, whether they’ve been in contact recently or not. They may not have been in contact with us since their adoption order was granted years before, but we are always here if needed.

Even experienced parents can benefit from professional help at times, and while they will know their children better than anyone else, our adoption support team is able to provide valuable assistance which can help to get through the difficult times that all families experience.

“There is an exceptional range of pre and post adoption training and workshops available to adopters through the agency’s ‘nurture the journey’ programme. This aims to build adopters’ knowledge, confidence and capacity to meet the developing needs of their children.”

Adoption Focus Ofsted Inspection Report, 2018


During the adoption process

Our support for your family starts the moment you begin the process with us and lasts a lifetime.

Nurture the Journey

Adoption Focus offer specialist training as soon as you start your journey to adoption. 'Nurture the Journey' is our adoption support package, tailored to the needs of each family.  We offer this programme to everyone who registers to adopt with Adoption Focus. 

Our specialist support starts as soon as applicants enter training at Stage One of the adoption process and continues throughout the journey until the successful placement of children with their new family.

Support is in a variety of formats for adopters to select the ones which work best for them;

  • A buddy scheme providing invaluable, peer-to-peer support
  • As well as training, literature, newsletters, workshops
  • An 'adopters only' part of our website.

And of course advice from your dedicated and experienced social worker who will be with you throughout the process.

Start the adoption process

Training & Workshops

Learn more about our extensive programme of upcoming training and events for our adopters

Post Adoption Support

Following placement

  • immediate support for your family following placement
  • social events for adopters to attend with their children
  • support groups for parents and children
  • play and stay groups

Lifetime support

Adopting with Adoption Focus means we will provide lifetime support to you and your family. This could cover various periods: 

  • Support relating to specific times, e.g. transition to the teenage years, leaving home, etc.
  • Illness in later life
  • Therapeutic support at any stage of your life
  • Support when creating your own family
  • Grandparenting children of adopted parents
  • Every other life stage of an adopted person and their family


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