Once your assessment is complete you’ll be asked to attend an Adoption Panel. Adoption Focus has its own panel made up of independent experts – adoptive parents, adults who were adopted as children, our Medical Advisor and adoption professionals. This is the final step to being approved as an adopter.

The idea of attending Panel can seem daunting for some people but our panel members are friendly, professional and sympathetic to the feelings of applicants.

You can read more about our Adoption Panel here.

Some of our adopters' blogs refer to their experiences at panel, such as Sarah & Martin's and Patrick & Janet's.

Your assessment report (PAR) and information about your reference checks will have been read by Panel Members before the meeting. Our Medical Advisor will have reviewed the medical report from your GP. 

You will attend Panel with your social worker so that Panel Members can meet you, talk about your assessment, your expectations and clarify points from your PAR. 

The panel makes a recommendation about approving you as suitable to adopt. The decision about your approval is then made by the Adoption Focus Decision Maker.

Once you are approved you can become the adoptive parents of children who need new families.
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