Stage two - Assessment Overview and timeline

Once your checks and references are complete you have up to six months decide if you want to continue to Stage Two.

Stage two takes four months to complete. You will work with your social worker to agree a plan of meetings to complete the assessment We provide further training to prepare you for adoptive parenting and suggest books and programmes to support you.

It’s been a journey but we have fantastic support from Adoption Focus.

With your help, your social worker will complete an Adopter’s Assessment Report, which will be presented to the Adoption Panel at the end of Stage Two. The report summarises your assessment, giving details about you, the work you have done with Adoption Focus and the strengths you have as a potential adoptive parent. The report will also include the types of children you feel most suited to you, following discussions with your social worker.

Our social worker has kept us informed from the start so we have an understanding of the process.