Let’s start by introducing my girls. We met them just over a year ago when they were 2 and 5.  Spud is the youngest, now 4 (named as she’s a real couch potato) and Gonzo (the nosey one) is now 6.

This academic year has been a good one for them so far. Spud starting school worried me at first. Not because I was worried about her going to a new school (new situations don’t phase either of them), but because she was the only one from her nursery. She came home from school saying that she had no friends on more than one occasion, but that it didn’t matter as she liked playing by herself. I wondered whether I should contact her teacher, but my husband said to leave it as she was perfectly happy going to, and coming home, from school and so things must be ok. Therefore imagine my surprise last week when she stated she had a boyfriend and she was going to marry him (although she didn’t know his name)! This morning was also reassuring for as I saw her walking in to school hand and hand and chatting nineteen to the dozen with a group of 4 girls. She is clearly fine and I can stop worrying!!

Gonzo has also started Year 2 with a bang. The previous year picking her up was a parental lottery.  If she was out first then she’d had a good day, if she wasn’t you knew she was being brought out by the teacher and you would have to do the ‘walk of shame’ to go in for a little chat.  Nothing overly serious, but Gonzo would do anything for attention…..and not always in a positive manner. Her parent/teacher contact book was nearly full by the end of the year too.  This year I have had to tell her teacher she’s lost her water bottle and she’s replied that they are looking for it, and that is the extent of our contact.  Just hoping parents’ evening in a few weeks is just as positive. I’ll let you know….

Looking forward to a calm weekend this week. Last week they had the excitement of going to a big 21st birthday party (one of the many ‘firsts’ we are still having with the girls). Gonzo was highly entertaining being the first (and the last) on the dance floor, often dancing (if you can call it that!) on her own and then copying the moves of others when they joined her. She had an absolute whale of a time, while spud spent most of the evening not so subtly pointing out that there was lots of food and cake to eat! Taking the girls out is never a problem as they have amazing manners, instilled in them by their foster carers. Everyone comments on how polite they are which really makes us proud. The only problem is stopping them eating…..they eat everything from smoked scallops to guinea fowl – although spud’s favourite foods are clearly sausage and cake; so you can imagine how they reacted to a massive buffet at the party!

The girls have 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters (from my husband’s first marriage) and are already aunts (!) to my 2 grandchildren. Everyone in the family adores them and they are developing really quirky little personalities. I expect to be greeted tonight with Spud putting her hands on her hips and asking where I’ve been and Gonzo rushing for a cuddle and to shout ‘I love you, Mummy!’, a sentiment which has been expressed more and more in the last few months.

Every day is entertaining for us as a family and I hope you soon see that the laughter they have brought to our lives is priceless. Don’t get me wrong, we have our bad days and life can be challenging at times, but the positives far outweigh the difficult times and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Spud & Gonzo - too old at four?