Our Partners

Adoption Focus works closely with local authorities who are responsible for all children who can’t live with their birth family. When you are approved by Adoption Focus, local authorities can place children with you.

Adoption Focus works closely with other adoption agencies across the country and we are members of PermanenceWestMidlands (West Midlands Regional Family Placement Consortium), the Midland Family Placement Group and the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA). We also work in partnership with New Family Social, the leading support network for LGBTQ+ adoptive families and Home for Good, a charity committed to working together to raise the profile of fostering and adoption within the Church.

Most importantly, we continually work in partnership with our adoptive families to support them and develop our service in line with their needs and priorities.

Our partnerships mean that we can keep you and ourselves up to date with things happening in adoption, put you in touch with events in your local areas and make connections with social workers who are seeking families for the children they are responsible for.

Laura & Adam - The Moment We Knew

In this blog post, Adoption Focus adopters Laura and Adam discuss family finding with our support.