Information Events

Next events: online 6pm, Wednesday 31st July and Wednesday 7th August

Our online information events are ideal for you, whether you're looking for an overview of the process or you feel ready to start the process with an Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated agency. They're free to attend and you'll get all the information you need with no obligation to continue.

To book onto one of our upcoming online or face to face events, please call us on 0121 779 0891, email or use the form below. We'll send you all the details before the event.

Our information events are really popular, and a great way to find out about adoption. But we understand that the timing and the format won't be convenient for everyone. If you'd like to get the information you need at a time that works for you, we can arrange a one-to-one online session for you. Please get in touch.

All events start at 6pm and last roughly one hour. 

If you'd feel more comfortable getting the adoption information you need in another way, there's no requirement to attend one of our information events. You can get in touch with us instead by phone, email or via our contact form. 

Get in touch

Find out what the process is to adopt a child

We’ll give you an overview of the adoption process, what it entails, how we’ll support you, and how long it takes. We’ll let you know if you can adopt, talk about the reasons why children need to be adopted and explain what these children require from adoptive parents. The meeting will last about an hour, with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. You’ll also be given the opportunity to arrange a private follow-up meeting with a member of our team to discuss any specific questions or concerns that you might have.

Find out about Adoption Focus as your adoption agency

Adoption Focus is the leading voluntary adoption agency in the central region and one of the largest in the country. We’ll explain what it’ll be like if you adopt with us; how we’ll work with you to complete your preparation and assessment, and then help to find your adoption match from children around the country in need of a new home. We’ll also explain the fostering for adoption pathway to adoption and talk about some of our commitment to providing comprehensive, lifelong support for all of our adopters and their children.