Adoption Stories

Stories based on the experiences of people who have adopted through Adoption Focus

Adoption Stories

Simon and Clare

Clare and Simon had been warned by friends that the adoption process was difficult. Despite this, they plucked up the courage to contact Adoption Focus.

Theresa and John

Before they looked into it a little more closely, Theresa and John had thought that they were too old to consider adoption.

James and Mike

James and Mike have been together for 15 years. When the time was right for them their thoughts have turned to family life and they contacted Adoption Focus.

Jenny and Steve

Jenny and Steve became parents to three children just 10 months after contacting Adoption Focus

Fran and Jake

Fran and Jake were in their early 30s when they decided that they wanted to adopt. Fran says, ‘We decided that we wanted to be parents, and we thought very hard about the way we wanted to do this – adoption just felt right for us’.