National Adoption Week 2021

National Adoption Week 2021 is taking place from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th October. 

This year’s campaign is centred around the celebration of modern adoption today, as well as exploring the highs and lows the national campaign champions all the voices involved in the process that are often less heard.

A series of events offering insight, advice, and support to adopted adults, adopters, birth families and adoption professionals will be taking place from 18th October. To find out more about National Adoption Week or to seek information or support, visit You can also follow the campaign on social media throughout the week, where agencies will be sharing stories, statistics and information. 

This new animated film has also been launched which showcases real life adoption stories from a variety of perspectives.

There’s also a special National Adoption Week episode of the #YOUCANADOPT podcast, with adopter and Chair of the National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group, Mark Owers answering questions received from the adoption community. Subjects covered include the adoption process, eligibility, matching and contact with birth families as well as how adoption has changed and improved over the last decade and why it’s so important that all voices of those impacted by adoption are heard. Listen here National Adoption Week: Answering your questions with Matt Barbet and Mark Owers - You Can Adopt

Anyone wanting to find out more about adoption on the back of National Adoption Week can contact us to talk to a member of our team or register to attend one of our regular online information events

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